Nice Work Museum of Cultural History

While strolling through the enormous UCLA campus we visited the Fowler Museum of Cultural History. By “Cultural” they mean “multi-cultural.” By “multi-cultural” they mean “knick-knacks from souvenir shops at cruise ship ports of call the whole world over.”

As much as we enjoyed the Mexican reinterpretation of John, Paul, George and Ringo Beatle as skeletons, the biggest reason we are grateful to the Fowler is because it reminded us that we haven’t yet shared with you our own Nice Work Museum of Cultural History. It’s mostly one wall — or part of one wall, really — right there in front of us and to the right — though from time to time the odd objet finds its way underfoot throughout the house. (Cats.) Here’s a photo of the main gallery:

Free Admission Thursdays

Let Mr. H. Klam (lower right) be your genial docent as he describes the various treasures on exhibit.

  1. The Nice Bear by John Running
  2. Listening Man by some Shoshone Guy or maybe a Crow, copied by Alan Barbick
  3. Indian Elephant by an Indian Artist, acquired at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
  4. Plush Mayan Chicken from Chichen Itza. Ha ha. Just kidding. It’s from Whole Food Market. It’s not Mayan, either.
  5. Sacred Grove on Mount Tamalpais photo by your web log author.
  6. Navajo Sand Painting of The NIce Bear Eating Flowers, with some Birds, Possibly, or maybe Bear Pawprints, with the sand glued down so it doesn’t slide off when the picture is placed upright by a Navajo Sand (and Elmer’s Glue) Painter
  7. Hypno Hand by John Running
  8. Moose by Jay Ward and Bill Scott, copied by Alan Barbick
  9. Keroppi by Sanrio
  10. Hypno Kat, “Tsagiglalal” by A Wishram artist, copied by Alan W. Barbick

The Nice Work Museum of Cultural History is absolutely free, especially on “Free Admission Thursdays.” but that doesn’t matter because it is not open to the public. Even so, the Nice Work Museum of Cultural History could not exist without your generous donations. Won’t you please consider helping support the NWMCH by becoming a member today?

Please choose the level of membership which you can ill afford:

  • $45 —– Little Pal of the Arts
  • $85 —– Somewhat Larger Pal of the Arts
  • $250 — Boss
  • $500 — Snob
  • $1111 — Big Onesy

Cash only, please. Now.


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