Have a Jones for Indies?

Many of you have broken into my home to leave little Post-it Notes™ complaining, “It’s all very well and good for you to boast of your proximity to nice independent bookstores — The Learnéd Owl in Hudson, OH; Townhouse Books in St. Charles, IL; Anderson’s Bookshops in Naperville, IL; and now Vroman’s in Pasadena and Diesel’s, a Book Store in Malibu (not to mention Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks, CA) — but what about the rest of us, trapped in the blasted emptiness of Nebraska or the frozen wastes of Saskatoon, where we do our work on Border‘s and we kiss the bloomin’ boots of ‘im what’s got it? Well? What do you say to that?”

First of all, I say that I have retained the services of a local security company to put an end to further note-sticking and to decorate the landscape with those little “armed response” signs which I have so admired on the lawns of our tremulous neighbors.

Secondly, I say: look you, there is no need to go Independent Bookstoreless when here you have a nifty website designed solely to help you find the nearest such commercial operation close by. Go there now — or, more accurately, have it come to your computer screen — by clicking on these words: OH, WHERE IS AN INDIE BOOKSTORE NEAR ME?

Go ahead. See what happens. If you prefer, you may click instead on the “Indie Bound” logo there in the upper right of this post. It is linked to the very same “independent bookstore locator.”


One response to “Have a Jones for Indies?

  1. How could I forget the super-good, nice and very nice set of independent bookstores in Milwaukee: Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops? I am so abashed.

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