Disneyworld in Miniature

The only way Lulu and I could face the cat-laden trek across the country last month was by promising ourselves a trip to Disneyland as soon as we were settled in CA. Yesterday we made good on that debt.

It’s well we did: If it hadn’t been for the pumpkin theme throughout the park, we would never have known that it was Fall, so subtle are the seasons here in Perfectweatherland. Disney takes the defiance of time a few steps further. Look at this placard above the entrance:

Give up all hopelessness, ye who enter here.

They could put the same placard above the exit.

The fantasy within Disneyland is powerful and immersive. It’s the world as it should be — at least according to the mind of that rarest of breeds: an amiable cartoonist. It was a graveyard smash!

Be warned: Universally seductive as it is, the fantasy may not in every way conform to those by which you manage your own life. Not everything is permissible even in Paradise. Enjoy yourselves, but none of this, please. No crazy dancing in the coffin stacking area.

Security! Security! A Keebler Elf has been spotted in Toontown!Much happy trudging, much voluntary mind loss, and much Mickey Logo embroidered shopping later, we collapsed curbside on Mainstreet U.S.A. and focussed our attention on strawberry ice cream cones. ($3.09 if you go for the waffle cone as who would not?) We noted with wonder how a bit of the Old Country had found us out here in Arcadia.

Another round of shopping, a Disneyland circumnavigation via toy train and we were properly psyched for what would prove to be our concluding experience before staggering back to the Simba Parking Lot: The marvelous Disney Parade of… well, actually, I’m not sure what it was a parade of. So glorious a spectacle cannot be observed with the naked eye; it must be viewed in the display window of a digital camera. Even thus modulated that much splendor was too much for these Midwestern eyes. I could only view the view through the viewfinders of other people’s digital cameras. No mortal can directly gaze upon the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty and live:

The children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses' face shone!


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