Growing Your Own

There are two unmistakable indicators of the epidemic of marijuana use here in Southern California: The very pleasant but ditzy and forgetful wait staffs in restaurants — and the astonishing prevalence of Obama bumper stickers and Obama lawn signs.

It’s one thing to acknowledge that you have a substance abuse problem — that’s the first step in getting help! — but aren’t the Obama sign displayers embarrassed about so public an admission of their struggle? They may as well put up signs saying “I Need Help to Get Dressed” or “Which Fork Do I Stick in My Forehead?” or “Linear Thinking is Difficult to… uh… Tibet!”

Which is why it’s puzzling that the Obama gang has chosen the ACORN as their campaign symbol. Why an ACORN? Why conjure the image of a mighty oak when your candidate more closely resembles a willow? Or a weed. Maybe the same cannabis plant that eases the cognitive dissonance inherent in being a Democrat could supply their iconography as well? At least they could admit they’re down to seeds and stems.

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