Back in the Saddle

I hope you appreciate how much trouble I took (with the PhotoShop clone tool) to make Ricky Receptacle more presentable. He had thanked many people who deserved, I think, little thanks.

NiceWork is back in business, or back in whatever the opposite of business is. The first order of business (or its opposite) is a photo essay about our epic reenactment of the Louis and Clark journey if Louis and Clark had veered south and ended up in Woodland Hills.

Above is Ricky Receptacle. Ricky the Receptacle lives at a rest area in either Nebraska or Iowa. Or Colorado. He thanks you!

The other picture — in fact, the only other photo I took on the grueling journey west — is of a Sinclair gas station sign. Here it is:

The Sinclair dinosaur logo has been absent from the Chicago area for decades. I was happy to see it again. We had an inflatable Sinclair dinosaur when I was a kid.

A Sinclair gas station sign in Colorado or Iowa. Or Nebraska. So there you go: the journey boiled down to its basic elements. Next up: exploration of our new locale.


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