Down With Earthlink

Man, I have had it with Earthlink. After I get done here at the Woodland Hills Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, and after getting a new Driver’s License at the DMV, I am calling AT&T to get a DSL line at my home. I don’t care if Darth Vader himself answers, I’ve had it with Mombai-link. I love India and all its fine inhabitants, but if I wanted to do business through there, I’d move there.

One motivation to get the DSL is the mundane one of getting back in touch with my clients — who, wouldn’t you know, suddenly had projects for me the week of our move from the semi-oceanic shores of Lake Michigan to the totally-oceanic shores of the Pacific. Another is to gaze upon the Web through a screen less sneezed-upon. A third is to share with you, my loyal Niceworkaholics, the rivetting photo-documentary of the epic drive Lizzie and I took with three cats across the plains of some states I forget, and over the Rockies. Alas, this library computer is fettered with many a download preventing protocol which makes picture-slinging impossible.

Soon, my little ones, soon.


3 responses to “Down With Earthlink

  1. Oh yes. I want to hear about the cats.

    It’s incredible you all survived.

  2. The kitties are fine and thank you for asking. Thomas, the older tabby, is in a delirium of happiness, having discovered the joy of hunting lizards, common in CA, rare in IL. Jimmy, once the white cat, lounges contentedly in the ashes of the fireplace and now resembles a chimney sweep’s broom. Sugar, the youngest, a fierce female tabby, is still furious with me, won’t remain in any room I enter and turns her face away when I address her. My right arm still bears the scar from when she first resisted being put in her cat carrier. Happily and contrary to my pessimistic expectations, all three cats were quiet travel companions. They slept through most of the 2000 mile trek, howling only when the fluctuating air pressure during the mountain portion of the journey made their ears hurt.

  3. Wow. You got off really easy. I’m very happy for you. It could have been a real nightmare.

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