Last Post from eHurst

We were so impressed by the lowering of Salt Creek’s level that we went over after a sushi meal to see if the Elmhurst Quarry (used for flood control) was similarly chastened. Well, it’s down quite a bit, but nothing very dramatic. Here’s how it looked just before the sun called it quits today:

Even though that’s actually a heap of acre-feet missing, folks, there’s so much more yet to go the picture fails to thrill. Tomorrow we’ll be speeding westward on the Oregon Trail, so some other intrepid reporter will have to keep you updated on Evaporation in Elmhurst.

Here’s where we ate before venturing on our fact-gathering mission: Sushi Nest. It’s our number one favorite restaurant in the area. We can always count on Sushi Nest to set things just right no matter what. Tonight was no different: it stepped gamely up to the challenge and soothed our bedraggled house-moving nerves with udon, tempura veggies and two kinds of maki rolls. Green tea ice cream sent us contentedly humming into the autumn evening.

One of the photos shows their awning with the Sushi Nest logo: a fish jumping out of bird’s nest. It seems to be trying to say something. The other photo is of the ink painting that welcomes you in the foyer: yin-yang carp.


2 responses to “Last Post from eHurst

  1. I neglected to tell interested parties how to get to Sushi Nest! Bad me. Here is where you can find them:

    Sushi Nest
    142 N York St
    Elmhurst, IL 60126
    (630) 833-5088

    They’re just south of the York Theater. Plenty of parking in a multilevel garage to the east, or if you don’t mind walking one block, you can park on the street to the west (Addison; it parallels York). Anyhow, we never had a problem parking.

  2. Thrilled to have found this web site. I am 73 years old and was born and raised at Oak & North Aves. Worked for Tom Manzell in my teens and spent many hours hauling gravel from the quarry for the city of Elmhurst. Spent a few hours swimming in the Salt Creek too. Thanks for the look back. Ken Patzer..Phoenix Az

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