2021 Miles

Jubilate Agno

I have kept the computer up and running for another day, but it wasn’t easy: I had to fight off the packers who are moving inexorably, mechanically, like locusts through the house, wrapping, boxing, taping. Those dirty clothes I’d dropped in front of the washing machine on Monday? We’ll be finding them in a box in October. While I defended my computer by covering it with my body, the packers got their revenge by packing my toothbrush somewhere; maybe in that box over there with the Ark of the Covenant.

They also boxed our Rand McNally 2003 Road Atlas, but do we really need it? Just how hard can it be to drive from point A (see map above) to point B? True, I did manage to get lost in Wyoming while driving from Chicago to Colorado Springs, but that drive entailed a sidetrip to Mount Rushmore.

Did I mention we’re making the drive with three (3) cats? I didn’t? Must be good old Denial kicking in. What would we do without it?


2 responses to “2021 Miles

  1. That was one of the funniest illustrations I have ever seen. And hands-down the funniest map.

    Are we there yet?

  2. Ha ha, done the moving with cats thing.
    Most important packing instructions are.
    Before leaving old home ensure you have a take-away menu/ pizza delivery details for new home to hand (keep blood sugar high)
    Golden rule ‘Last box on the van, first box off the van,’ amazingly removal guys ALWAYS make sure the kettle is in this box, keep the guys well hydrated.
    On arrival at new home, first job; make up your bed, so when you are totally exhausted, bed is ready…… Rome wasn’t built, or unpacked in a day.
    But why is there always a lamp shade and a fruit bowl left without a box that have to go in the car with the cats.

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