Passive/Aggressive in Wicker Park

Lulu and I sat in Lucia’s Ristorante in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, munching pizelles and drinking coffee while Momo let the stylists at Salon Blue work their magic. Wicker Park, like the Olde Towne area and the New Town and Lakeview neighborhoods before it, has just moved beyond the student and artist stage to the point where the professionals have made it too expensive and pushed the hapless urban pioneers to who knows where. A lot of that hip young thang protective coloration endures in the now upscale passing parade, so we were well entertained as we killed time.

To give you the flavor of the place, I took this photo:

Cute restaurants in Wicker Park. Lots of charming boutiques and tchochke shops. Florist shops that are like galleries and galleries that are like coffee shops. Upmarket salons galore. Wonderful, stylish people. But the mural says oodles about the political mindset of the local inhabitants. Che Guevera ‘n’ Gandhi? Say, how about a mural in honor of Albert Schweitzer and John Dillinger? Mother Theresa and Pol Pot?

Obama ’08 signs abound.


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