Moving Checklist

Not to cast aspersions on the intelligence and good sense of the unusually bright (and well-groomed) readership of Nice Work, but it is possible — just possible — that one or two of you have decided to move house.

Far from being resentful that these statistical outliers have lowered the IQ average of my audience, I am touched by their suffering, and so I have decided to help the poor perplexed wretches in their hour of need by passing on hard-won Moving Lore, learned in the School of Adversity.

And look! It’s all nicely boiled down into a handy checklist for easy understanding. Here:

  • Bicycle to Post Office to fill out Change of Address Form
  • Pick up loaf of bread while you’re at it.
  • Get all Rx’s filled!
  • Bicycle part way home.
  • Wait for long freight train pass.
  • Bicycle the rest of the way home.
  • Watch a couple of episodes of Frasier.
  • Drop off car at Toyota to make sure it’s all tip-top.
  • Replenish Summer Sausage supply.
  • Buy new cat carrier. ::Moan::
  • Call phone company.
  • Stare. Blink.
  • Call IDOT to cancel tollway transponder.
  • Play on computer. Heh.
  • Watch a couple more episodes of Frasier.
  • Dinner!
  • And so to bed with a Good Book.

Your list may differ.


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