When the sun finally came out after hiding behind the torrential remnants of Ike for the last few days, it shone on an altered For Sale sign in front of Nice Work HQ. We do not suggest a causal relationship between the storm and the sign, but let the facts speak for themselves.

If emotions can linger in a place like ghosts, then we hope the new owners will sense the ten years of happy laughter with which we filled this house and which will silently resonate in these rooms for years to come. Maybe a yelp or two where the house geist has absorbed our reactions to tripping over cats, but mostly jolly laughter.

Below is a photo we took the day before yesterday when we braved a soaking to give you some idea of the effect of Ike the Hurricane even at the remove of 1,218 miles from Galveston. This is Salt Creek, a wee dinkum trickle normally, that passes far below Butterfield Road in Elmhurst. Ordinarily you would need to stand in your canoe to touch the bottom of this bridge, but now, as you see, the waters of Ike would force you to portage your canoe across the bridge if you were so foolish as to go paddling at all.

If we have a chance to return to this spot before Moving Day, if the waters have receded by then, and if the dove we release does not return, we will try to get a photograph of Salt Creek as it looks when not overfed.


One response to “Sold

  1. Congratulations! Now that you’re moving to California, I’ll have to make a point of being better friends with you.

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