Support Your Independent Bookseller

Here is what happens when you don’t support your local independent bookseller.

Not that this particular local independent bookseller lacked my loyal support, mind you. I was a “member” or whatever they called it when you fronted some bucks to get a year-long discount. I always made a point to drop in and purchase a spiritualesque item or two at Transitions Bookplace after my monthly replenishing of the bean supply at the Peet’s Coffee & Teas a few doors south.

Transitions Bookplace — fondly known in our household as the “oogie-boogie bookstore” — was, and may yet be, a Chicago treasure. Even if you weren’t in immediate need of a book on Japanese Foot Reflexology or bit of advice about Awakening the Buddha Within, you could browse the wide array of Tibetan art while breathing in aromatherapeutic soy candles. And if the Guided Meditation CDs were a bit too relaxing for the drive home, you could always get Laughing Crow’s latest collection of Native American flute tunes. Perhaps some healing Egyptian jewelry? Or how about this hand-tooled leather dream-journal? Yoga, tantrism, Hinduism, dream interpretation, past life regression, psychology of every stripe, a smattering of Toltec wisdom, or recordings of the Trappist monk Thomas Merton: You name it — even the unnamed and unnameable — they got it.

Or had it. Transitions Bookplace abruptly closed its doors on August 15 as I discovered when I came by on the 16th. My oasis had gone dry! I turned away, head down, unhealed. They had money difficulties. Like the phoenix in their logo they expect to rise again. We hope they do.


2 responses to “Support Your Independent Bookseller

  1. renee mallinger

    I am so sad to find out Transitions closed. I referred people here constantly. It was one of the most positive places I ever frequented. Once I moved out of the city I could not go and was really missed them. I always tried to go when I got to the city. I had just got on their e mail and found out this Dec of their closing. There was not a better collection of spiritual books any where. I pray they re-open. They have enlightened so many. I met incredible authors and mentors there like Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss. How do we let them know we support them? Thanks.

  2. Their website at the time promised a continued existence in some other capacity (school, Web presence, alternate store, etc), but I haven’t been able to find them on the Web since. A real Chicago treasure. Hope they rise again.

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