Mrs. Gaskell greets you from Beyond.We’ve recently been able to photograph an actual Pfützegeist (“puddle ghost”) that appeared near our kitchen sink. Yes, we are keenly aware of our good luck: Such sightings are rare; photographic records even scarcer.

The Pfützegeist, whom we have dubbed “Mrs. Gaskell,” seemed friendly and happy and eager to communicate. Why, before re-transmigrating to the spirit plane (“evaporating”), Mrs. Gaskell even favored us with a saucy wink!

We’ve had no other spirit activity — none worth mentioning — before or since. The inexplicable displacement of car keys, the frequent difficulty in locating paperback novels set down while rummaging through the fridge for yesterday’s Panda Express box, the vanishing of single socks; these seemingly paranormal events have been examined carefully by accredited parapsychologists and can be confidently attributed to ordinary human frailty. But the Mrs. Gaskell event differs markedly in kind and degree. That is, she represents a positive “apparition,” not an aggravating misplacement. And her appearance is vivid and photographable, neither vague nor numinous.

We’ve submitted our “ghost story” and evidence thereof to the Got Ghost? Society, whom we consider the final arbiters on all things supernatural. We’ll accept their findings. But in our hearts, we know…

Or is it Mrs. Muir?


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