The Lilac Pig

Everyone knows that Lombard, IL is known as “The Lilac Village.” And everyone knows that Lombard was the home of Little Orphan Annie creator, Harold Gray, who inspired millions by his pluck in pursuing an art career despite having no pupils in his eyes.

But how many of you know that Lombard is the home of “The Lilac Pig?”

The Lilac Pig, a bronze sculptural assemblage, can be found in mid-Lombard on St. Charles Road. The pig — more properly, piggy bank — rests in a little red wagon drawn by a young bronze girl. Her name is Lilac. Or if it isn’t, it should be.

The wagon itself is not bronze. It is an actual little red wagon conscripted to serve the Muse. Its bottom has been removed, perhaps to forestall its use as a trash receptacle.

The ensemble is the work of sculptor… ah…um… Gosh. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

When you visit Lombard — it’s right over there — do not fail to take in this attraction. According to local legend, good luck comes to all who high-five Lilac, the Pig Girl. A village ordinance prohibits the practice.


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