NW Goes to the Movie Show: Swing Vote

Kevin Costner makes all Kevins proud in 'Swing Vote.'Yesterday we had visits from a termite inspector, a sump pump inspector, a chimney inspector (who told about playing an extra in De Palma’s Untouchables), and yet another home inspector, and so you can well imagine how happy we were to get out of the house last night and go to the funky Glen Ellyn Art Theater.

We saw Kevin Costner’s Swing Vote. What a sweet, good-hearted movie! There’s a bit of cursing because the protagonist, Bud, is a lowlife, but he’s not an angry lowlife, just a confused, put-upon lowlife — his cursing expresses his eternal befuddlement. No one in Swing Vote is killed. No one even fights. No men dress in spandex and pretend to fly. We didn’t know this sort of movie was even allowed any more.

We’ve come to expect two, maybe (if we’re lucky) three laugh lines in the films categorized as “comedy” lately. Swing Vote had lots. One of the presidential candidates whose future will be decided (because of a wildly improbable fluke on election day) by unemployed goofus Bud, is making a “tough on illegal immigration” ad, against his own convictions, because he has been informed (wrongly) that Bud hates Mexicans. The extras playing illegals are waiting to begin filming. “Are these my undocumented workers?” asks the candidate. “Well,” quietly corrects the PC handler, “we prefer ‘undocumented actors.'”

Glen Ellyn Art Theater is located in Glen Ellyn. It's a theater. It shows art.

Madeline Carroll plays Molly, Bud's daughter afflicted with an exaggerated sense of responsibility.

Kelsey Grammer's last name has two M's.

Swing Vote is not so much a political film as a fable (with politics as the setting) about responsibility. If you lean Right, you may see the film as a bit left-leaning. If you lean Left, you may see the film as a bit right-leaning. But in fact, Swing Vote, like lowlife Bud, is purely American: it hates no one, wishes everyone well.


2 responses to “NW Goes to the Movie Show: Swing Vote

  1. “But in fact, Swing Vote, like lowlife Bud, is purely American: it hates no one, wishes everyone well.”

    Alas, this sentiment seems to be lacking whenever politics comes up.

  2. You’ve got that right!
    But look how frantically hard the political pros (along with the pundits and the moonbats of all persuasions) have to work to get ordinary, sane people all het up and active and crazy as themselves. All those millions in advertising and event organizing to divert us from our private lives! Then, after election day, we all go right back to minding our own business. Americans are mostly like Bud. We lack that sprightly civic spirit that has made Europe such a Garden of Eden these past couple of centuries.

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