Goodbye, August

The Ginza Festival in Chicago's  'Old Town'A much-need rainfall last week. Our tomatoes danced and laughed like little children.The film is stupid, but I may get the poster to hang in our Mulholland Drive home.

Can August really be over? Say it ain’t so!

I hope yours was a good as ours. From the wonderful Ginza Festival at the Midwest Zen Buddhist Temple, through the AAUW’s madhouse used book sale and all our outdoor cooking (to keep the kitchen smelling like roses through all the  home “showings”), to our finding a place in L.A., it has been one exciting month.

Oh, hadn’t I already told you that we found a place in L.A.? Well, we did, A month from now, God willing, we’ll be living on Mulholland Drive. Yes, the same one featured in the David Lynch film. We’ll be sure to leave the back door unlatched in case Laura Harring comes tumbling down the hill and needs a place to snooze.

Looking forward to September. But, then, I always do.


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