Links ‘n’ Patties

Here’s a link to a mirthful essay by “Crazy Aunt Purl” on the subject of rogue waves (scroll up after linking):


And not just rogue waves, but ROGUE WAVES!!!!!

Here’s another link to a bit of whimsy (at least I hope it’s whimsy) by a German blogger who seems to have run his post through the Babelfish translator:


I particularly liked the comment, “If you see me with a big bubble at my front, I call at the moment the girls, to marry one of them.”

You want more? Okay, Here’s one I’ve linked to before, but can you get too much of parachuting Teddy Bears? Never! To enjoy photos of the event, go here:


I don’t think you’d see such an event in the U.S. The first time some kid trying to imitate the feat fell off the garage roof the parents would launch a suit against everyone from Constantine the Great on down to Billy Graham.

Salmon, Ella

“This is all very fine,” you say, looking down through your pince-nez. “Here are the links as promised in the Post Title. Wonderful. But, where, pray tell, are the patties? Hm?”

I’m glad you asked. Here is a daguerreotype of the great Ella Fitzgerald, “The First Lady of Song,” gazing dreamily at the appartion of a gigantic Salmon Patty.

Finally, to satisfy the grammatical demand of the post title, let’s make that TWO patties with this movie still: it’s the stirring climax from The Miracle Worker (1962), starring Patty Duke who plays both parts!

Crabby Patty


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