The Art of Listening

One of the regular exhibitors at local Art Fairs is the fellow who made that carving to the left, Alan W. Barbick. He travels around the West taking photos of ancient petroglyphs, then transfers the images to stone. I don’t know if you can tell from the photograph, but the painted line figure is in shallow relief.

We have three or four of these carved pictograph repros around the house, but this is the one I have hanging next to me here in my studio. I like it because the fellow in the drawing evidently hears well with his left ear, but has a bad right ear, just like me. (My right ear hears, but it hears only evil.) He’s also like me in that he looks permanently startled. Unlike him, though, I do wear pants.

The original wall drawing can be found near Kaycee, Wyoming. It’s either Shoshone or Crow, but we can’t be sure which since neither will fess up.

If I ever run into the artist again, I’ll have to ask him what sort of polymer he used to glue the hanger on the back of the stone slab. You couldn’t get that thing off with dynamite.


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