The Art of Happiness

Like Bullseyes, but long and skinny.As everybody knows, there are Four Noble Truths. The First Noble Truth is “Life is Suffering.” I call it, simply, “Ow!”

The Second Noble Truth is “The Origin of Suffering is Not Having Vanilla Cow Tales, Though Strawberry Cow Tales Will Do In a Pinch.” This can be abbreviated to “Cow?”

The Third Noble Truth is “The Cessation of Suffering is Attainable By Eating a Cow Tale,” or, briefly, “Nom Nom Nom.”

The Fourth Noble Truth is “There is a Path to Obtaining Cow Tales,” or, “Let’s Go Get Some More Cow Tales Right Now!

Meditate on these words: Ow! Cow? Nom nom nom. Now!

Available at Mars Cheese Castle, Kenosha WI.


3 responses to “The Art of Happiness

  1. Cow Tales? Never heard of ’em.

    Does Hey Diddle Diddle qualify?

  2. iagreetotally

    Cow Tales are a delightful confection, but, seriously, are they “noble?” Well, if you say so, I suppose it must be so. I don’t really grasp Buddhism. But I respect it!

  3. Cow Tales are carried by only the very best of confectioners.
    Nom nom nom.

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