Miracle Man

I like Spock well enough, but I'd rather vote for T'PolA quick search of the Internet reveals that many fine minds have already noted a resemblance between Mr. Barack and Mr. Spock.

Oh, I don’t know about that. Yes, there is a resemblance, but it is not between the logical Vulcan First Officer and Obama the Empath.

The resemblance is between the fans of each fictional character.

First, think of the Spock fans:

For them, Spock is a way to redefine their self-image. It’s not social inadequacy; it’s cool self-possession. Not shyness; instead, reserve. They’re not tongue-tied; they’re laconic. The Spockophiles are not a cult; they’re an elite. Spock embodies their misty dreams of a Better Future Universe in which their awkwardness has flipped 180° into sophistication.

Obama’s groupies, similarly, are not cheering him personally so much as discovering in him a transformative, man-shaped incarnation of their vague vision of a world in which they aren’t completely nuts.

Well, live long and prosper, kids, but I wonder if the DNC will realize before the month is out that what they’ve put on is a Star Trek Convention?


One response to “Miracle Man

  1. iagreetotally

    Right you are.
    As usual, I might add.

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