Fragonard Gal & Fragonard Guy

Here is a lovely picture to make up for the ugliness of the last post:

Zizanie awaits Abelard.

Ain’t she sweet? The gal is a shepherdess named Zizanie. The lamb is named Darlene. Outside the area of this detail there is a shepherd in a jaunty hat hurrying to meet Zizanie.

Abelard hastens to Zizanie.

Here he comes now, waving his beribboned baton as he emerges over a little rise in the road accompanied by his obedient dog:

The shepherd’s name is Abelard. The dog’s name is Chutney. Abelard is carrying a shy little lamb as a gift for his friend, Zizanie. He will allow her to name the lamb. She will think for a minute, then announce the name of the new lamb: Natalie.

I feel better already. I hope you do, too.


2 responses to “Fragonard Gal & Fragonard Guy

  1. – Allors! J’appellerai cet agneau Natalie, dit Zizanie à haute voix. – Un nom supérieur à ‘Chutney’, elle dit à elle-même.

  2. Zizanie? ROFL! It might look peaceful now…

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