Nice Work Goes to the Movies: The Visitor

I had to get The Dark Knight out of my soul, so I went to see a movie ostensibly made for grown-ups: The Visitor. I figured a real movie would be just the antidote to the BatFest, but unfortunately, The Visitor turned out to be a — deep sigh — Message Movie. I really, really wanted to like it because people I respect like it, but… but… well, it’s a Message Movie, for heaven’s sake!

I don't want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day.

Pictured to the left are the actors, someone and someone else, who play a couple of guys. One guy is an uptight white guy — he’s a professor — and the other is a spirited illegal jazz immigrant from Syria. Syria jazz guy teaches uptight white guy to beat on a drum, and loosen up a bit. This tickles uptight white guy who is sick to death of teaching economics in Connecticut and is more than ready to start a new life as a subway busker, so when Syria jazz guy gets nabbed by Homeland Security or something, uptight white guy goes to the detention center in Queens to spring him. Instead, he sleeps with Syria jazz guy’s mom. This loosens him up.

I give The Visitor a rating of Four Stars (out of a pickle jar filled with many gold foil stars).

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