Electric Squirrelland

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a flaming Stratocaster out of my hat!

We were dining al fresco at The Standard here in Elmhurst while a “showing” was being made of our house by our Realtor. Conversation turned to songs that sounded like each other. Maybe not to the point of litigation, as in the case of “My Sweet Lord” (by a Beatle) and “He’s So Fine” (by the Chiffons), but close enough to segue easily from one tune to the other.

For instance, see how easy it is to shift from “The Third Man Theme” to the Turtle hit, “Happy Together.” I’ll give you a moment to perform the experiment… See?

Third Man Theme (a lousy midi version)

Here’s another. You know the theme from the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show? It was a 19th century composition by Charles Gounod called “Funeral March for a Marionette.” It happens to blend beautifully with the theme from another TV show from the same period: Leave it to Beaver.

Alfred Hitchcock (the actual soundtrack)

“Magic Bus” (by The Who) and “I Want Candy” (by, well, everyone) could have been separated at birth.

On a different tack: have you noted some of the vocal similarities wafting around out there on the fetid currents of pop music? I don’t mean only Bob Dylan and the five thousand Bob Dylan soundalikes. I mean like whoever was the lead singer for the 60s band Canned Heat. [Wikipedia break… Hmm… Long boring article… ah, here it is: Alan Wilson.] My daughter and I were listening to that Canned Heat classic “On the Road Again,” and Liz, a child of the 90s, looked perplexed and asked, “Is that Strongsad singing?”

And finally, I leave you with a question I’ve been asking for decades: “Did Jimi Hendrix do the voice for Bullwinkle J. Moose, or was it vice versa?”

I'm a Voodoo Moose.


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