Matter Marches On

ToinkSo much to do today — and over the next coupla — I just don’t have the time to write a post. Coming up with the right word is [five minutes pass] tuff, and so I will [thirty minutes pass] eschew [another ten minutes] skip the verbal stuff and communicate in mime. I mime Welcome.

I point now to the picture on the left. There we see the gears of a clock from a time long ago and place far away. Switzerland maybe. Or perhaps the Duchy of Thuringia. I don’t remember. The clock represents the time I don’t have today (or tomorrow) to play with you. Soon the little clockman will swing his, um, pumpkin, I guess; the bell will toink and we will all disappear. I mime Boo Hoo.

Now I will ask all of you to look to your right.

George Segal

There we see at least one plaster statue by George Segal. Segal was the pop artist who made casts of people with the plaster infused cloth doctors use to set broken bones. He would display these rough, unpainted casts in rough, bleak settings to show us all how rough, unpainted and bleak our lousy lives are. I present this photo to tell you how rough, bleak, unpainted and lousy will be my next few days as I submit to stern duty. I mime Unpainted Bleakness.

Finally, to send you out with a song on your lips, I give you this photo of a statue by Barbara Hepworth. She did oodles of these things ‘way back when in the fabled land of England. I empathize with the poor rock on the bottom. The title of the piece is not “This Is How I Feel Today,” but it should be. I mime Rock-on-Head, and wave bye-bye until The Commemoration of the Great Upheaval Day.

Barbara Hepworth


One response to “Matter Marches On

  1. Er, Happy Great Upheaval Day.

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