What Do You Think?

Suggestion Box, aka Shredder.One of the cutest qualities of the Web in general and Web Logs in particular is how they affirm everyone’s unshakeable belief that their opinions are important. The sweet, innocent confidence with which all of us offer up those opinions, ideas, observations, beliefs, arguments, convictions, memories, inspirations, worries, insights and every little stray thought is a beautiful, heartwarming example of the triumph of fantasy over reality. Or maybe it’s just a form of solipsism. Either way, it’s darling.

The truth is, no one cares what you think. (Well, not you personally, of course. We all care what you think. I mean everyone else.) In fact, people divide into two unequal groups: those who still believe their thoughts matter, and those who know they don’t. Happily, it doesn’t matter which division you belong to, because the two populations are indistinguishable. Everyone talks as if anyone were interested. We all go on nattering in exactly the same way whether we are aware of the futility or not. See? I’m doing it now.

Well, I think this is all nonsense. Not that it matters.


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