A Man of Property

I will admit I was skeptical, but those Real Estate agents really know their stuff. We followed all the sprucing-up advice — commands, really — given by our Realtor and… well, see for yourself the stunning transformation of our humble little shack into a veritable Dream Palace:

Amazing what a slap of paint here and there will do. The only way it could be improved is if it were made out of Legos™.

It’s too rainy this weekend to hold our “moving sale,” and so we will postpone reducing our tonnage until the next clement Saturday. I wonder if anyone has actually sold their house to a moving sale customer? It’s not impossible, you know. We’ll stick a price label on the siding just in case.

Say, Friend, if you’d like to gawk at the interior of our “stately colonial,” please help yourself to a hearty click on the words I PEER WITH UNBLINKING EYES THROUGH YOUR WINDOW.


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