Tolstoy to Tinkerbell

Down from Berkeley to Carmel.

Nothing but this sorry squib from me today. After all the hoo-rah of house prep last week, culminating in yesterday’s Open House, I took this beautiful summer’s day off. Non-napping activities involved only food purchase, preparation and consumption. Partly I was unwilling to exert myself, partly I wasn’t much able to. A 3mg tablet of the sleep-aid, Lunesta™, taken at bedtime last night, did in fact aid sleep, but with the crowing of the cock it did not exactly leave off aiding. It accompanied me all day like an eager puppy. I was groggy all day. A mildly pleasant sensation, that grogginess, but not conducive to… to… well, not to anything, least of all adding to my web log(s). So all you get today is this photo of Lunesta tablets dancing amid some clouds I photographed while I stood in the supermarket parking lot earlier.

Listen: I love Lunesta. The stuff really works as advertised. But if you use it please don’t operate any heavy machinery the next day within ten miles of me, okay?

Lunesta tablets on a dream rock.


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