Next to Godliness

His clothes became dazzling white... so as no fuller on earth can whiten them.Yesterday at the supermarket I was surprised to see possible confirmation of the title of Christopher Hitchens’ recent book, God is Not Great. (The title itself, come to think of it, is Not Great. The point of his book is God isn’t — no God, zilch, none — so whether God is Great, or God is So-So, or God is Lousy makes no difference.) There on the grocery store shelf was a consumer product which displayed either hubris or humbleness, depending on how you look at it. According to marketers at Unilever, All Laundry Detergent has apotheosized into All Mighty, but just to play it safe, they add a shy “small,” arriving at the casually godlike All, Small & Mighty. For you empiricists and agnostics, I present proof in the photo to the right. No amount of evidence, I suppose, will dent Hitchens’ unbelief.

Speaking of unbelief: You won’t believe this. Yesterday our Realtor brought over a photographer to do the “walk-through” photos of our house. But before the photographer snapped her photos (with a wide-angle lens, btw, that would make Das Boot look like The Titanic) the agent had a colleague of hers rearrange all our furniture to obtain ideal feng shui. Ideal feng shui, it turned out, was achieved by putting everything in the postion it was when we first moved in and told the movers, “Oh, just put it anywhere! Yeah, there. Fine.”

Fung shway?


2 responses to “Next to Godliness

  1. I would fire any realtor that took feng shui seriously.

  2. Well, we were kind of hoping she’d tell us the best spot to bury the St. Joseph statue.

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