Wanna House?

Free petunias with every purchase!

Need a house? I have one for you. The Realtor listed it yesterday afternoon and already people are tromping through. If you’ve endured the whole house-sale incursion experience, then you know what it’s like. If not, not. I won’t burden you with my bellyaching.

We have been using Google Streetview along with listings from our L.A. Realtor to view possible new abodes in Woodland Hills, Encino, Thousand Oaks and suchlike places. The sticker-shock is tolerable, I guess, but I just hope that the next time I go shootin’ at some food, up from the ground will come a bubblin’ crude.

Oil, that is.


2 responses to “Wanna House?

  1. Offering sympathy, I always think selling your house is a bit like having some one rummage through your underwear draw, and making the contents public; it all feels a bit intrusive!
    The petunias will clinch the deal…. Good luck

  2. All sympathy, empathy, compassion and even outright pity gratefully accepted.
    BTW, if you ever tire of your Lake District home with all those pesky Wordsworth scholars stomping around bellowing “Intimations of Immortality,” then you might consider a move to Elmhurst, IL, USA. It’s nice. We have a Jamba Juice.

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