T., T., and T. O. T.

It joined them at breakfast and presently ate, All the syrup and toast and a part of a plate.I gots nothing to say today, or if I do it’s hard to tell: sleep deprivation make me stoopid.

So, I’ll just offer three untaxing items for your amusement.


To the left is a photographic evocation of Edward Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest by one E. Atherton. A bite taken from the plate would perfect the scene, but art claims only so much sacrifice from its acolytes. A striped scarf would improve things, too, but we must not let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good, yes?


Here is a link to a Wiktionary page featuring dozens and dozens of CATCH PHRASES. Immortal words like, “Book ’em, Danno.” Or, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” Reading through them will make you a little crazy. Truthfully, I could only get partway down the list before I caved under Popular Culture Overload. Go ahead: try it yourself and see how long you can stand it before you say, “Get me out of here, Mr. Wizard!”


I have taken the liberty of copying the Gorey House logo without first asking permission, but I hope the managers will forgive me since I only mean it as an advertisement for their web page. Fans of Edward Gorey will enjoy the site (which you can look at by clicking on the words EPIPLECTIC BICYCLE). They may even plan a trip to Cape Cod to visit the actual physical structure. Original Gorey drawings are on display there.

And so to bed.

Get me out of here, Mr. Wizard!


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