The Frost is on the Pop Tart©

Both photos used in this montage are in public domain.
Too many gangsters around here. It’s time to class this web log up a bit.

How about a little poetry? I was searching the web for some dimly remembered verse about Samuel Morse. It shouldn’t have taken more than a few minutes, because there just isn’t a lot of Samuel Morse verse; “dit” and “dah” can’t be made to rhyme. But, as usual when looking something up, I got sidetracked for an hour or so by This, That and the Other Thing.

Amid T.T.& O.T. I found a really sweet poem by Robert Frost I thought you, my erudite readers, would enjoy.

I don’t mean this vulgar parody:

Stopping by the Woods with Homer Simpson
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village…D’Oh!

And not this parody either:

Fire and/or Ice
Some say the world will end in ice
Some say in fire
I say not either one because
I’m a climate-change denier.

No, I mean a real honest-to-gosh Robert Frost poem. Here it is:


The Telephone
“When I was just as far as I could walk
From here today
There was an hour
All still
When leaning my head against a flower
I heard you talk.
Don’t say I didn’t, for I heard you say –“

…oops! Wait a minute. At the bottom of the poem is a notice that it’s still protected by copyright! It is the intellectual property of one Lesley Frost Ballantine. Is it “fair use” to quote an entire poem? I don’t know. Oh well, go buy the book.

Once did a man from Nantucket, a stately Pleasure Dome decree.


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