Nice Work Review: Wall-E

Gandolfini blames himself.Didn’t see it. Won’t.

Stayed home and read a couple of books. Watched Frasier, Season 4, on the big TV. Watched The Sopranos on my itty-bitty iPod.

Remember The Sopranos? It was a comedy from way back when about a beleaguered Community Organizer trying to juggle his work and domestic responsibilities. Married, With Wise Guys.

In this still, we see James Gandolfini wincing with inner pain as he ponders how TV executives, seeking to duplicate the success of The Sopranos, will ignore everything good about it — the acting, the dialogue, the humor, the pacing — but will take all the obscenity, violence and nudity and come up with unwatchables like Deadwood, Rome and The Wire.

Next up: a review of Wanted. Just kidding. Not going to see that one either.

One of these days, Carmela. To the moon!


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