Robert le Pieux

Moving house gives me sad. I’m convinced the real reason Satan prefered to “reign in hell” over serving in heaven had nothing to do with hubris: he just couldn’t face another realtor.

Robert has heard every joke about 'Pepe le Pieux' so don't bother.

Robert le Pieux couldn’t stand it either. He wanted to stay put. In this detail from Jean-Paul Laurens’ famous painting of the Relocation of Robert le Pieux, we see the tenth century French monarch moaning with his wife, Berthe of Burgundy. The thought balloon is a later addition.

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3 responses to “Robert le Pieux

  1. Better you than me, brother. Although my turn will probably come.

  2. Good luck, it’s a stressful time.
    Our aim is to leave this place ‘feet first in a box’! because it’s not where we ‘stay’ it’s where we ‘belong’

  3. Yes! Yes! Why anyone moves for any reason besides war and famine is a mystery. But that’s what we’re doing. It’s what we ALL seem to do in the U.S. Every couple of months a realtor with a bullhorn stands in the street and shouts “SWITCH!” And we all swap houses.

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