Here’s a painting that hangs behind the LCD screen on which I write:

Acrylic on acrylic. 1992. Collection of HappyKlam Gallery.

It’s from ’92. I was happily working as a full-time dad and eking out Toys-R-Us money (during Naptime) by designing ads and booklets and brochures and whatnot in my basement studio with the aid of a fax machine (!) and the fledgling Internet. Back then I had to explain to ADs how to receive a file over the phone. Imagine! Naptime also provided opportunities, hastily grabbed, to knock out some paintings, including the one reproduced above.

A viewing of Kurosawa’s Sanjuro some years previous had sent me off on a Japanese kick and I was scribbling kanji all over the place. The script here reads “seiko” which means “success.” The katakana on the left is my name sounded out. Hope it doesn’t mean anything awful in Japanese like “how foolish the emperor looks in his outlandish garb.” If so, I sincerely apologise to the hundreds of Shintoists who, inexplicably, gravitate to this web log.

Akihito rocks!


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