In cooperation with the Center for Disease Control, Nice Work is preempting today’s exhibition of Kevin Atherton’s fine drawings to bring you a PUT DOWN THAT TOMATO alert.

Dorothy Makana, M.D., an epidemiologist with the CDC, is our special guest today to tell our loyal and healthy readers to PUT DOWN THAT TOMATO.

Dr. Makana says, 'Put down that tomato!'“Are you holding a tomato in your hand right now? Put it down at once. Do NOT place it directly on a surface used in food preparation. Call your local CDC hazmat team who will dispose of it safely.

“Dozens of tomatoes infected with salmonella have been taken into custody at airports throughout the country. A further undisclosed number have been detained at checkpoints along the borders.

“CDC agents, working with representives of the FFA, 4H, and FAO, are closely monitoring this developing situation. There is no cause for alarm. In the meantime: PUT DOWN THAT TOMATO. Thank you.”

Thank you, Dr. Makana.

Symptoms of salmonella include lethargy, ennui, weariness, crankiness, disinterest, despair, giddiness, panic, exhaustion, sleeplessness, anxiety, poor judgment, tunnel vision, phlegm, apathy, inappropriate affect, aimlessness, and a desire to write poetry.

A whole new meaning to 'Going Green.'


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