Nice Work Movie Unreview

We know how hectic your life is. What with knitting races and gamelan practice and picking up the kids at the OTB parlor, you are hard pressed to fit in all the movies that you are required to see. Nice Work understands. So, as a service to you, as an aid in getting your life back into some semblance of order, we present another movie non-review.

Adam Sandler sings and dances as Zohan.This week we did not go to see Adam Sandler’s new Zohan movie. We just didn’t feel like it. We were tired and gas is expensive. Besides, Adam Sandler is no Anthony Quinn, so why bother?

Or is he no Zero Mostel?

We stayed home and watched a bunch of Frasier DVD’s that we got out of the library. You ever see that show? It’s sort of Full House without the Olsen twins. Of course, that describes pretty much all of TV comedy around the turn of the century.

We didn’t see a number of other movies, too, but we don’t have the space to not review all of them here.

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