Play Date

Nice blocks.

I don’t feel like working hard on today’s post. For one thing, I have to see the dentist in about half an hour and this makes me blue.

What's a dentist?

For another, I’ve become concerned about the growing epidemic of obesity among Nice Work readers. You have all been spending too much time eating snack foods and reading my web log. It’s time for you to get outside and play in the sunshine, or shiver in the rain, as the case may be.

If you really must stay in your dim, unventilated cave, at least turn off the computer and get out your building blocks. Like the ones pictured here, but maybe filled with sand to make it more of a workout. I drew this picture — actually, this is a detail of a much larger drawing — for High Five, a publication from Highlights geared to the pre-Timbertoes set. I hope it inspires all of you to become more physically active.


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