You’re on your own today. No bloggifying for me. I’m having too much fun — if by “fun” is meant dazed comulsive repetive non-productive activity — playing with my new iPod Classic. I am Podstruck. So I’m just going to insert a drawing I’ve already posted. It’s a nice one. Stare at it for full minute:

Parents, please keep your handguns tucked in your waistband!

This picture from ’04 or ’05 was for Lifeway Publishing. I picked a drawing that exudes brooding menace because one of the cool things you can do with these new (i.e. post 2003) iPods is watch video and I’ve downloaded some Soprano episodes. It’s like watching the TV through the window of the neighbor’s house, but with better sound. I loves it.

My aPod keeps my shell halves a-clacking joyfully.

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