Jurassic Parking Lot

My vow of silence which I observe every First Friday does not allow me to write today. The only way I can get even so much written as this short post is by miming the letters under an optical character reader, and let me tell you: it’s exhausting. So I offer you this hastily scribbled cartoon instead.

The drawing boldly addresses the controversial theme broached yesterday just to show you that I’m not going to let this blog devolve entirely into silliness and self-promotion. Nice Work is not afraid to be frank, candid, irreverent, unabashed, unflinching, unfettered, outspoken and whatever other euphemisms book reviewers use to mean “obnoxious and dismaying.” Yes, we’re going to take up — unflinchingly, I might add — the topic of FERNS.

In the meantime, we'll get around courtesy of Fred's two feet.

And now I’ve really got to stop writing. I’m so tired that all the letters are becoming italicized…

Your lucky numbers today are 14 34 64 17 8 93.


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