Actual Facts

Did… did you… did you know…?

  • Wealthy British entertainer David Bowie, whose birth name was Thomas Major and who grew up in poverty as the son of a coal miner in Newcastle, now owns an island in the Canary Archipelago where he keeps the world’s largest private aviary exclusively dedicated to… canaries!
  • Although the longest novel in English, Marienbad My Love, by Texas writer Mark Leach contains over 2.5 million words, it does not include the word “ut.”
  • Cats and dogs, widely believed to be “color-blind,” actually can see colors above and below the spectrum visible to humans, which is the reason paranormal emanations sensed only as a galvanic skin response by people are visually detected by their terrified pets.
  • Since records started being kept in 1792, the piranha, the most dreaded of the Amazon River’s thirty-five species of man-eating fish, has been gowing in length (average adult) at the rate of one millimeter every ten years!
  • Baseball champion George Herman Ruth (1895-1948) — better known as “Babe” Ruth — derived his nickname from his favorite candy bar “Baby Ruth” (a paper sack of which was never far from his hand) — and not the other way around as is popularly believed.
  • Actor Fred Gwynn could barely endure the six hour make-up sessions needed to prepare for his part as Herman Munster of the long-running TV sitcom, The Munsters, and so he elected to remain in make-up for the entire five day filming of each episode, returning to his “Fred” face only on weekends!


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