Did You Know…? Florida Edition

We made it back from St. Pete, FLA, in one piece — well, two pieces; there were two of us — looking bronzed and fit. Inspired by our journey to and from the Dangling State we here at Nice Work have assembled a semi-tropical batch of bloggiana for your amusement and improvement. We give you…


  • There are almost twice as many tattoo parlors in Florida as there are chiropractic clinics… and twice as many chiropractic clinics as “old-tyme” ice cream parlors!
  • St. Petersburg is the Asperger’s Syndrome capital of the United States.
  • Although the Florida East Coast Railway was destroyed by the “Labor Day” hurricane of 1935, the submerged rails are still connected, and even now are being used to conduct telephone messages from the Florida mainland to Key West.

  • No nature photographer has ever been able to get the Yellow-crowned Night Heron (above) to stand still long enough to obtain a shot in sharp focus! All clear photos of this Sanibel Island denizen are of stuffed or drugged specimens.
  • In the entire state of Florida there are over 100 streets named after Jackie Gleason, star of The Honeymooners (a sitcom from television’s “Golden Age”), but there is not one street named after his co-star, Art Carney! (below)


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