They Flash Upon that Inward Eye

The endless, snow-intense winter had all of us Illinoisians longing for April, but now that the early risers among the plant kingdom have begun to disperse their pollen we find ourselves longing for Claritin™. If you look around the neighborhood you won’t see much visual confirmation of the glad burgeoning, but many thousands of pairs of weeping, itching eyes unmistakably proclaim Spring’s arrival in advance of the greenery.

And one of those weeping, itching pairs of orbs belongs to me…

…but it would be churlish to complain, especially now that the Claritin™ is kicking in. My heart, like Wordsworth’s, with pleasure fills, and though I may not unbend so far as to dance with the daffodils, I will certainly not stand in their way while they hop around.


2 responses to “They Flash Upon that Inward Eye

  1. But I do not understand! These are not pollens! They are “asteroids” from outer space! They will not make you sneeze! Why do you say this?

  2. I like asteroids.
    I don’t like pollen.
    I feel …

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