Let’s All Go to the Movie Show

You shouldn’t be surprised by Weather Recidivism in Chicago — relapses, that is, from Springtime Glory back to Winter Shame — but yesterday we were aghast at having to face, in mid-April, 38º pelting rain under leaden, raspberry-blowing skies. No chance of escaping to warmer (if more bug-infested) climes, so we did the next best thing: we escaped to the Movie Show. But what to see? What to plunk down our ten bucks for? No problem: an omen made the choice for us. While viewing film trailers on the Mac we saw this shot of warm, wealthy, warm, vacation-y, warm Biarritz that spoke to our souls:

It’s from the new Audrey Tautou comedy, Priceless. We were immediately sold because the shot so closely resembled a photo Liz snapped in that very spot last year:

So we went. To the movie, I mean. And, yes, it was all the escapism we could ask for: balmy beaches, blue skies, conspicuous consumption, the idle rich, French morality, farcical plot twists, and, above all, Audrey Tautou. The bouyant mood created by the film stayed with us, defying the lowering Chicago clouds all the way home, and right on through the evening. It may even endure through this wretched new day of withering, un-Aprilish weather. If not, we’ll rent Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels.


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