Cahiers du Cinéma

Our favorite video store here in bucolic Elmhurst was a little, storefront, family-run outfit called… well, what does it matter what it was called? You’re not planning a vacation here, are you? Besides, the store closed a year or two back. Too bad; the selection wasn’t huge but it was enough for our humble entertainment needs, and included all kinds of oddities like The Cup. We mourned the closing, partly because we mourn the closing of all nice family-run businesses, but mostly for the more selfish reason of our having to turn, for our video rentals, to those awful nationwide video chains whose names I will not utter. Why do those chain video stores smell so bad — a mephitic mixture of stale cigarettes, year-old Wendy’s burgers, and delirium tremens sweat? And must the sound of the two competing action flicks on display be turned to disco levels? And the kids who work there! Is Douglas Coupland the Human Resource Manager?

Well, you know where this is going: the same place you went: Netflix. Deep sigh. We resisted it for years; we prefer to keep our spending local, but what can you do? One time I asked at the video chain for Umbrellas of Cherbourg and gave the pierced and sedated kid behind the counter what may have been the only good laugh of his angst-ridden life. When I ordered the same film from Netflix it arrived in the mail two days later. The winner. For now.

But all this grouching is just preamble to the first ever…

Nice Work Movie Review!

Amy Adams and a chipmunk

Yeah. Yeah. We rented Enchanted. It was exactly what we thought it would be. If you haven’t seen it, it’s exactly what you think it will be.
On a scale of an infinity of stars to zero stars we give Enchanted a small, finite number.


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