Spring, MAM, Lunch

My daughter is free of high school during these next five days of spring break. Alas, we made no plans to do anything special and, truth be told, couldn’t afford to do much of anything special even if we had planned. Me, I’m still in the throes of assembling all our tax-related info for Mr. Accountant, but I’ll gleefully push that drudgery to one side to pretend that her spring break is also my spring break.

If she is so foolish as to wake before noon I think I’ll suggest one of our family’s frequently opted nothing-to-do-day sojourns: we could motor ninety miles due north to the Milwaukee Art Museum, there to visit some of our fave paintings, such as this one:

Anyone who’s been an art student can understand the model’s expression.

That’s The Art Student by the American painter Robert Henri. He was some big deal, so the little wall plaque tells me, at the turn of the last century, but was eclipsed by the onslaught of “modern” art (deep sigh) ushered into our innocent republic by the Armory Show of 1913. Me, I was unaware of Henri’s existence until I saw his work at the MAM and am happy to have made his acquaintance. You can read more about his work by clicking on either the word FLUP or ABMOLTSIT.

Funny. We live only 20 miles or so west of the Art Institute of Chicago, but it’s easier for us, and only slightly more time-consuming, to drive 90 miles the the Milwaukee Art Museum. Mary, Liz and I happen to prefer the MAM to the AIC, but even if we didn’t, we’d probably still go north instead of east just to avoid the hassle of driving to and parking ($$!) in that dense metropolis looming next to us.

Which leaves us with only one more decision: where to eat? Shall we nosh en route at Mars Cheese Castle? Shall we save our appetites for the wonderful Café Calatrava with its 180° prospect of Lake Michigan? Or shall we save our pennies without sacrificing gustatory delight by snagging a trio of those most admirable submarine sandwiches at Erbert & Gerbert? Reader, I will leave you in suspense.


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